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Twin Block appliance

Healthy teeth and a confident smile are vital to children’s health, self esteem and well being.

To ensure your child’s mouth and teeth are developing correctly, it is often necessary to implement early intervention orthodontics to ensure growth problems are corrected as they are happening, not when it’s too late. 

A common orthodontic condition that occurs in children is a poor bite due to an underdeveloped lower jaw. This can be corrected with a removable functional appliance called a Twin Block.

What is a Twin Block appliance and how does it work?

A Twin Block appliance is made up of two removable plates that clip onto the upper and lower teeth. Whilst being worn, the appliance will hold the jaws slightly apart and the lower jaw in an advanced (forward) position. It is designed to help achieve full growth potential of the lower jaw and to correct jaw relationship problems such as size difference and protrusion.

  • Twin Block appliances
  • Twin Block appliances
  • Twin Block appliances

The upper plate may also have an expansion function which enables widening of a narrow dental arch. Expansion can be used to correct crossbite (upper teeth biting inside lower teeth) concerns, provide additional space for crowded teeth and provide better alignment between the upper and lower jaws. Typically, the expansion is done at home on a daily basis by the parent. A small tool (called a ‘key’)  is used to turn a screw slightly, which opens the plate a little bit at a time.

How much do I need to wear the Twin Block?

Twin Block appliances are generally worn full time (24/7) for between 9 -12 months. Compliant wear and rate of jaw growth are the main factors in determining how long the appliance will need to be worn.  

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