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Clear braces

If you want your treatment to be more inconspicuous, clear braces can give you just that. The brackets of clear braces are made of ceramic materials, so they're not too obvious during treatment. This can help people notice your smile more than your braces.

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How do clear braces work?

Clear braces have the same traditional archwire and bracket system conventional braces use. You get to enjoy a straighter smile as your teeth adjust with the help of a gentle nudge.

The brackets of clear braces are made from transparent polycrystalline alumina or TPA, which is non-porous and has stain-resistant capabilities. This means that your braces will maintain their discretion all throughout your treatment.

 How do clear braces work?

What are the benefits of clear braces?

You get to work on your smile discreetly with clear braces. They're still noticeable, but less obvious, and they might be undetectable in pictures.

In addition, the material used for the brackets is resistant to stains so you can indulge in whatever you like without feeling self-conscious.

And last but definitely not least, clear braces don’t produce too much friction. This not only facilitates optimal tooth movement, but also means they are more comfortable to wear.

 What are the benefits of clear braces?

Who are clear braces suitable for?

Clear braces are a great option for patients looking for a traditional yet discreet treatment. However, it will still depend on your orthodontic needs. It’s best to talk with a Specialist Orthodontist—a person qualified to develop a treatment plan for a winning and healthy smile.

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 Who are clear braces suitable for?

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