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Digital scans

Creating a detailed treatment plan before starting orthodontic treatment is important in order to achieve your best smile. At Angle House Orthodontics, we use our digital scanner to assess your orthodontic needs and devise the best treatment plan for you.

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What is a digital scanner?

During your orthodontic assessment, we will use a digital scanner, also called an intra-oral scanner, to check areas of your mouth that are difficult to see with the naked eye alone. The added bonus is that we no longer need to use a mouthful of gooey impression material to see your bite and the shape of your teeth.

The same device also makes it possible for us to take detailed and accurate images of your teeth, which we use to create a tailored treatment plan for you.

 What is a digital scanner?

Increased accuracy, better results

The digital scanner is innovative and instrumental in ensuring your treatment’s success. Its accuracy means we can create an incredibly precise treatment plan. This not only saves you plenty of time, it reduces the need to visit us frequently during your treatment.

The digital scanner is also comfortable and convenient for patients. You can simply sit back and relax as we use a small hand-held wand to take hundreds of pictures of your teeth within seconds.

We can help you understand how digital scanners create a better orthodontic treatment experience for you. Book your free* consultation today to ask us all about it.

 Increased accuracy, better results

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