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Six month braces

Suffering from a minor orthodontic problem? You might benefit from six month braces! A straighter smile could be yours in as little as six months with this fast treatment option.

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What are six month braces?

Six month braces are designed to straighten the front six teeth and get you the smile you want. This treatment isn't extensive, but it's ideal for fixing crooked front teeth or previously straightened teeth that are slipping back to their original positions.

Six month braces provide comfortable treatment because they only require light force to move the teeth into position; they can also result in significant long-term results if you continue to wear your retainer after treatment.

 What are six month braces?

Who can wear six month braces?

It’s normal for adults and teenagers to look for short-term and discreet treatment options. Six month braces could be suitable for individuals who only require minor front teeth alteration. It’s one of the most efficient treatment options we offer at our practice.

To find out if you’re a good fit for six month braces, you can book your free* consultation at Angle House Orthodontics today.

 Who can wear six month braces?

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