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Six month braces

Imagine being able to admire your new smile and flash your newly straightened teeth in as little as six months. If you have a minor orthodontic problem, that’s exactly what you could be doing. 

What are six month braces?

Orthodontic treatment is used to correct a number of problems associated with a patient’s teeth and jaws. Some of these problems, such as major crowding or spacing issues, or problems affecting a person’s bite, will most likely require a significant amount of work. 

However, there are other problems which can be fixed more quickly. These may be a crooked front tooth, or teeth which have previously been straightened starting to move back into their original position. 

Six month braces are prefabricated braces which move and straighten the teeth which are visible when you smile. 

  • Six month braces
  • Six month braces
  • Six month braces

Are six month braces right for me?

  • If all you want – and need – is a minor alteration to your teeth, then six month braces could certainly be suitable.
  • If you want to straighten your teeth but are too self-conscious to wear braces, then six month braces could be for you, as they use clear material which makes them very discreet. 

Six month braces may bring about exceptional results for patients in a short space of time, but that doesn’t mean the results don’t last. Six month braces move teeth using light forces and, as long as you wear a retainer post treatment, it is unlikely you’ll ever need further orthodontic work. 

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