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Rapid maxillary expanders

Early orthodontic treatments can help ensure that your child’s mouth and teeth develop properly. With the right orthodontic appliance, we can help guide jaw growth and minimise the complexity of future orthodontic treatment.

Children who suffer from orthodontic problems such as crowding, overbites, short lower jaws or crossbites may benefit from using an RME (rapid maxillary expander).

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How do rapid maxillary expanders work?

Rapid maxillary expanders widen the upper arches of children as they grow, providing adequate space for teeth straightening and jaw alignment.

RMEs come with an orthodontic screw, which must be carefully turned at home according to the orthodontic specialist’s instructions. With each turn of the screw, the arch on the upper jaw expands, encouraging the lower arch to grow accordingly.

Typically, the active expansion lasts only a few weeks. After that, the appliance will stay in place while new bone develops in the expanded arch.

 How do rapid maxillary expanders work?

How do rapid maxillary expanders help my child?

With the upper arch widened, the upper teeth may line up correctly, making your child’s bite more stable. In addition, it can help children breathe easier through the nose since it also widens the air passages.

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 How do rapid maxillary expanders help my child?

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