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Functional appliances

Healthy teeth are essential to a child’s overall well-being. Early orthodontic interventions can help to correct oral and dental developmental problems as they arise.

When a child’s lower jaw is underdeveloped, appliances such as the Twin Block and URA (Upper Removable Appliance) can help correct the resulting problems, such as a poor bite.

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How does the Twin Block appliance help my child?

The Twin Block appliance is made of two removable plates that attach to the upper and lower teeth. It holds your child’s jaws apart while moving the lower jaw forward.

This positioning helps maximise the growth potential of your child’s lower jaw while correcting problems like size difference and protrusion.

Occasionally, the upper plate can have an expansion feature that allows a narrow dental arch to widen. This can correct a crossbite, create more room to fix crowded teeth and align the upper and lower jaws better.

Parents of patients usually conduct the expansion process at home using a small screwdriver called a ‘key,’ which helps loosen the screw and open the plate as necessary.

 How does the Twin Block appliance help my child?

How long does my child need to wear the Twin Block?

A patient’s compliance level and rate of jaw growth are the two main factors that determine how long the Twin Block appliance should be worn. This orthodontic device is worn 24 hours a day for approximately 9 to 12 months.

As a result of its passive design, your child doesn’t have to remove the Twin Block while talking, but there will be minimal pressure on the dental arches - which your little one will get used to in no time.

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 How long does my child need to wear the Twin Block?

What is an Upper Removable Appliance and how does it work?

An Upper Removable Appliance, or 'URA' as it is sometimes referred to, is a plate that looks similar to a traditional retainer and is used to correct minor orthodontic issues in children. This includes narrow arches and crossbites.

By using the URA, Dr Kataria can make small adjustments to the teeth and jaw by inserting tiny screws into the plate of the appliance to create gentle pressure.

It is recommended to wear the URA 24 hours a day to ensure results are optimum. The appliance is also designed so your child can wear it while eating, but we do recommend taking it out and cleaning it after each meal.

After initial fitting of the URA or during adjustments, your child may experience some slight discomfort. However, this should reduce as their mouth becomes accustomed to the appliance.

 What is an Upper Removable Appliance and how does it work?

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