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Damon braces

So you want straight teeth but you don’t want to look like you’re wearing train tracks? Well, the good news is, these days you won’t. And certainly not with the innovative system of Damon braces. At Angle House Orthodontics, Dr Kataria uses this revolutionary new approach to orthodontics which ensures greater comfort throughout treatment. What’s the difference? It’s all in the brackets. 

How do Damon braces work?

Dr Kataria was the first orthodontist in South Australia to use the passive self-ligating bracket called the Damon Q. The Damon system of braces use these self-ligating brackets which have a unique slide mechanism. This means there is no need for the ligatures (elastic bands) that are used in traditional braces to hold the archwires in place and allows Dr Kataria to use much lighter, continuous forces to move your teeth to their correct positions. Because there is less friction with this system than with conventional braces, the forces exerted on the teeth are lighter and, therefore, more comfortable. Studies have also shown that treatment time with the Damon System is shorter than with traditional braces. 

  • Damon braces
  • Damon braces
  • Damon braces

Customised brackets to suit your teeth

The Damon System is a highly effective method of straightening teeth, but at Angle House Orthodontics we’ve ensured you get the best results from the system by combining it with Insignia orthodontic software.

Insignia Advanced Smile Design is 3D software which enables us to accurately plan for the movement of your teeth. The Insignia software gives us such detailed information on the position of your teeth and the shape of your jaw, that we can accurately plan your treatment, right down to the most minute of movements.

This precision software is what we use to have the brackets of your Damon braces customised to fit your teeth. This means, not only do the brackets fit exactly to the shape of your teeth, they’re comfortable to wear and highly effective because they’ve been created for your treatment needs and yours alone.

Insignia doesn’t believe in one size fits all and neither do we.

Do Damon braces give you great results?

Damon braces give excellent results. Studies show the Damon system produces straight teeth and, at the same time, widens the patient's arch to allow more room for crowded teeth, sometimes without the use of a palate expander or surgery. 

But not only do Damon braces give you great results, they also give you more time. Because it isn’t necessary for an orthodontist to tighten the wire and replace the ligatures in your braces, you will have fewer clinic visits. This is more convenient for you and more comfortable than with traditional braces because teeth can be quite sensitive after a tightening session. 

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Damon System

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Damon System - Angle House Orthodontics

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