Clear braces

Clear braces, also known as cosmetic braces, function the same way as traditional braces do; the difference is how they look. Clear braces are made out of a ceramic material which makes them either transparent or the same colour as your teeth. This makes them very hard to notice so they’re a great option if you don’t want to make it obvious you’re having treatment. 

How do clear braces work?

Clear braces use the traditional bracket and archwire system of traditional metal braces. This system uses gentle force to move teeth into a straighter, more attractive position, over the course of treatment. The brackets used with clear braces are made from transparent polycrystalline alumina (TPA). This make them non-porous and extremely resistant to staining or discolouration so you can be sure your braces will remain clear the entire time you wear them. 

  • Clear braces
  • Clear braces
  • Clear braces

Who are clear braces suitable for?

Many adults and professionals feel more confident and comfortable when others don’t notice they are wearing braces. That is why many adults choose clear braces. Some clear braces still contain a small metal slot to hold the archwire. Although this is slightly noticeable, it decreases friction, which in turn increases optimal tooth movement. Your orthodontist can speak to you about your clear braces options at your free consultation. 

What are the benefits of clear braces?

The greatest benefit of clear braces is that they’re much more discreet than many other orthodontic treatment options. People won’t immediately notice you’re wearing them – that’s if they notice at all! Furthermore, clear braces stay discreet throughout treatment because the brackets won’t stain. They’re also comfortable to wear and very effective. 

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Types of braces - Ceramic braces (Clear brackets)

Types of braces - Ceramic braces (Clear brackets)

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