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The Cantilever Bite Jumper (CBJ) appliance

Cantilever Bite Jumper (CBJ) applianceThe Cantilever Bite Jumper (CBJ) appliance is designed to achieve facial balance by helping the jaws to develop normally. It is most commonly used to encourage the lower jaw to grow forward, enabling it to align with the upper jaw once treatment is complete. 

How does the Cantilever Bite Jumper work?

The CBJ appliance consists of four crowns—one crown covering a molar in each corner of your mouth. A stainless steel sleeve or cylinder is attached to the two upper crowns, while a rod that slides into the sleeve hanging down from the upper crown is attached to the two lower crowns. The sleeves and rods hold your lower jaw in place to create a healthy bite. Eventually, the lower jaw will grow into this new position, and the appliance can be removed. 

This appliance is fixed in the mouth and worn 24 hours a day until the desired result is achieved, usually nine-to-twelve months. It cannot be removed. 

Your appliance may also have an expander screw in the middle of your upper palate in order to widen your mouth to make room for crowded teeth. This expander screw is slowly turned, little by little, using a small, key-shaped tool. Typically, you or your parent turns the screw once or twice per day. 

The change in the appearance of your jaw will be quite dramatic, even at the beginning of treatment. 


Many patients who require a Cantilever Bite Jumper (CBJ) appliance have a few questions about how it works. Here are the most common ones we get asked: 

Is it hard to talk with a CBJ appliance?

As with most orthodontic treatment, the first few days of having a new appliance in your mouth will feel funny and you might find it hard to speak clearly. Your mouth will also create more saliva and swallowing may be difficult. These effects will diminish in a short time as you get used to the hardware. Your teeth and jaws may feel sore during the first three to five days, so you may take a non-prescription pain reliever. 

Can I eat my favourite foods with a CBJ appliance?

Eating will feel funny at first, but you will soon become comfortable chewing and swallowing. However, it is important to limit sugary drinks, hard food and sticky sweets. 

How often will I have to see the orthodontist while wearing a CBJ appliance?

The appliance will need to be adjusted every eight to ten weeks. You should also continue to see your regular dentist for check-ups and cleaning every six months. 

Contact us today to find out more about the Cantilever Bite Jumper (CBJ) appliance. 

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