Your first visit

Your journey to perfectly straight teeth is an exciting one, but our team at Angle House Orthodontics also know it can be a little nerve wracking. Having orthodontic treatment is a significant investment and you want it to go right – so do we!

So, to help settle any nerves you may have about visiting our clinic, here is what you can expect to happen at your first visit.

Getting started

The purpose of your first visit to our practice is so we can determine exactly what orthodontic treatment you could benefit from, and for you to decide if orthodontic treatment is right for you.

Your first visit is a consultation with our orthodontist who will look at your teeth and jaws, take x-rays, and prepare a bespoke treatment plan for you, outlining our recommended treatment, length of treatment time, and a quote for that treatment.

All our recommendations are made for your benefit. We treat every one of our patients as individuals.

  • Your first visit
  • Your first visit
  • Your first visit

Next steps

If you’re happy with our recommended treatment plan and would like to proceed with treatment, we can get started straight away with your Invisalign scan or impressions to custom make other appliances.

Treatment begins

After we have shown you your customised Invisalign treatment plan using a special Clincheck Software program, your next appointment would be your fitting appointment where we attach the brackets to your teeth if you’re wearing braces or fit your aligners if you’ve decided to go with Invisalign. Your teeth will be a little bit sensitive after this appointment and may feel quite tender for a couple of days. Eat soft food and take over-the-counter pain relief and in a couple of days you will feel much more comfortable!

We’ll see you every eight to ten weeks to make sure your treatment is progressing as it should be and your teeth are moving into the right position as we’ve planned.

You can also give us a call if you have any questions or, should a a problem arise, phone for an emergency appointment.

If you want to kick start your treatment to a straighter smile today, book a free consultation with the Angle House Orthodontics team now.

Your next steps to a beautiful smile

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